Which One Is The Best Eye Drops For Enhancing Eyelashes ? Careprost Or Lumigan

Women are often sensitive to their beauty and looks, No matter how old you are, Evey change make us look different. Mentioning eyelash growth serum,There will be various products with different brand names come into our mind, The most controversial is Careprost serum and Lumigan (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution).They have many similar features which are used to treat glaucoma in eyes and improve eyelashes conditions. Both of them have the large number of users, and good effective to aid our eyelashes reach the levels we need,There are the same active ingredient bimatoprost.It’s hard to judge which one is the right for us.

How we choose the best one for our eyelashes? Firstly, they are different manufacturer, Careprost serum are produced by sun Pharma, Lumigan solution comes from Allergan company. Secondly,It’s obvious to check if you already pay more attention the two products,that is price difference,Lumigan solution is more expensive compare to careprost. Thirdly, Different side effects will be caused on treating glaucoma.Fourthly,Different inactive ingredients,Lumigan is more faster take effect than careprost and shorten your time. Usually 8-10 days you will notice the change. Lumigan is your first choice if you can afford its price. Accordingly,Due to the reasonable price, Caprost serum is widely accepted by clients and distributors.It can boost eyelash growth gradually and effectively.

Natural and beautiful looks are we looking for,Careprost eye drops and Lumigan solution can be supplied online or drug store, No matter which eye drops you choose,you must insist on using,You will know how amazing effects they bring you.


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