Tips on How to Promote Eyelash Growth

Just like hair on our hear, eyelash also have a particular growth cycle, and we need to take care of our eyelashes. They will stop growing after getting a specific length. Then renew themselves every few years with new lashes. Some people are born with naturally longer eyelashes. Yet one thing we should note is that nobody can get the eyelash long enough to cover his eyes.


Please don’t worry, if you pluck off eyelash or it own falls down, it will definitely grow back, it will last four to eight weeks for the complete replacement. Therefore people who have short and thin eyelashes can have the chance to stimulate eyelashes to regrow them.


There are many products and tools for eyelash enhancement. lumigan purified eyelash drop

is considered to be one of the most effective product for your beauty plan. It is easy to use and without any irritation. By using this product, you can easily regrow naturally longer fuller and thicker lashes and get rid of heavy mascaras and fake extensions. Manufacturer advised to use it at night before bed, which will not  interfere with your regular make up. Amazing result will be noticed after using two weeks.

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