Nalam Gonzalez
I have been using Lumigan for over three months now,and I wanted to share the details of my experience,I see my new lashes from the fourth week since I used.the increasing was obvious in the following weeks,I am glad to find the effective products to change my lashes,also low price,I love the products very much,Thanks.
Rasheedah Vergara
I know Lumigan eye drops will bring the side effects if didn't follow the instructions,so be careful to use it,it's good products to grow lashes,I have used for some weeks,still enjoying the good result it brought.remove you false eyelashes forever,thanks your site for supplying so great eyelash growth products.
Elizabeth Holbrook
My eyes are more important than anything's short and brittle.I prefer to use Lumigan to change my lashes conditions,my friends have got good effects with applying it every I am confident that Lumigan can help my lashes.continue to use it...
Isaias Lapp
I have been using Lumigan for eyelash enhancement for quite some time. I place one to two drops on a q-tip and apply it to the lash line every night avoiding direct contact with my eye. My eyelashes have changed dramatically. At first I noticed a gradual increase in length and now I am noticing a definite increase in the products.
Claudine Fierro
Just be careful if you worry about getting it in the eyes.long eyelashes make people are really different,more beautiful than before.I love the products,have used up my first box,placing my second order now,get more discount than last order.happy shopping online.
Roxana Sanchez
This product has worked great for me,My eyelashes grew extremely long.Results were seen within a month.the effects are better than other lashes products I used.I thought I got the original Lumigan eye drops to enhance my lashes.

Tui Atayde
I just ordered Lumigan eye drops from this site.I love the low prices and good service,hope the products are good effective for my eyelashes,I don't want to waste my money again.I will come back to give a honest comment after using 8-12 weeks,hope it's good one.
Teresa Valle
Fantastic products,honestly it's worth the money to purchase,I used 2 months for my first box Lumigan,i didn't spend so much money but get the really long eyelashes I desired.share the good products to all of will get the good result as me.thanks very much.
Blanca Enriquez
Thank you!! Really interested in trying :-) wondering which lashes products I have been side effects that I used it as the instructions,I have recommended the lashes products to all my girl friends.thanks your free shipping,i will reorder on your site soon.

Daniela Chantha
I have been using this eyelash grower for about two weeks now.I haven't noticed them being any longer but I have noticed that they are fuller and a tad darker.really hope i can get the longer and darker lashes I expect in my wedding day,Really appreciate your fast shipping and good service.

Natalija Gentle
I was so happy to try this Lumigan eyelash growth serum, since I was able to try this before and I can tell myself it works just as good. Maybe a little faster.I feel like I noticed results in a few weeks,more effective than other lashes enhancer I used.good products, excellent service,thanks very much.
Zena Saoud
when i received this product i start using it. but first i wash my face and read the instruction then i put it, this Lumigan eye drops cosmetically eyelash growth serum is really amazing product,I've been using this for there weeks but i can tell a little bit difference to my eyelashes.