Some FAQs about Eyelash Care

Beyond improving the appearance of eyelashes with mascara, people usually don’t pay more attention to their general health. However, it is just what we should take care about. The following are some FAQs for taking care of our eyelash.

Are there any common mistakes people make causing lashes loss?

Excessive rubbing of eyes and picking off eyelashes are big no-no, which will lead to eyelashes fall out easily.

How to enhance eyelash enhance ?

You can choose the best eyelash serum Lumigan to promote lashes’ density, length. With which you will get naturally longer eyelashes instead of wearing boring fake eyelashes everyday. Lumigan is an effective product enriched with natural and active ingredients to regrow lashes.

How to keep eyelashes clean and healthy?

Please choose the gentle cleanser to cleanse lashes. For example, baby shampoo is a great alternative. Besides, don’t share your makeup with others to avoid cross contamination.

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