Learning More Information Of Lumigan Eye Drops

We can’t control time fly,but can slow down the rate of aging.Lumigan Eye Drops,are well-known in eyelash growth field, give us the best choice to make our appearance more charming and beautiful. Do you want to learn more information of Lumigan Eye Drops?

Lumigan, approved by FDA In March,2001, was initially used for treating open-angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension.the active ingredient is 0.03% Bimatoprost, which has the function of dual depressurization.Glaucoma was classified as the top 10 serious diseases in USA in the past, Unlinke cataract,Couldn’t be cured by surgery,Drug treatment is the only choice for patients.Lumigan Eye Drops developed repaidly to cure millions of people from blindness or worsen situations, Since then It was famous in the medication of treating Glaucoma.

In further research,it was found that the active factor Bimatoprost had the beauty effect of treating baldness and increasing eyelashes.So Allergan company launched new formula eyelash growth solution—–Lumigan and Latisse.Lumigan Eye Drops are sold as cosmetic to grow your eyelashes more longer, thicker and stroner. People who want to treat their Glaucoma should have a prescription from your doctor,will increasing your health risk if apply by yourself. If you have trouble with your eyelashes, Such as,inadequate,rare or short.Lumigan Eye Drops will give you a help.Spending little money, Changing yourself from applying lumigan solution.


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