How to use Lumigan Eyelash Enhancer ?

If You are tired with short, skimpy lashes, it is advised you to read this post to learn about the Lumigan serum, which will help you obtain the sexy lashes without side effect.

Mascara cream can help eyelashes stand out, but only to a point, the over-the-counter Lumigan serum works to nourish the lashes and hair follicles, which will help you to get the natural eyelashes.

And how to use Lumigan serum?

Lumigan should be applied once daily on clean, dry skin. Apply the product along the lash line of the upper eyelid, similar to liquid eyeliner. Do not apply onto your lower eyelashes. use the serum once each day for 8 to 12 weeks. When you’re happy with your lashes you can reduce application to twice a week for maintenance purposes.

Before choosing the Lumigan product, you can read Lumigan reviews or learn more information about this product, we recommend that you only place your order at the official website to avoid counterfeit products – your eyelashes and your health depend on it.

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