Getting The Facts Straight About Careprost® Eye Drop


There are so many positive or negative reviews on blogs or social networks. Here now, our company is making sure our customers are educated about careprost eye drop.

Some customers claim careprost changes the color of your eyes. This is most definitely not true. Careprost eye drop has never changed anyone’s eye color, which is tested and approved by FDA. The only slight discoloration you may experience is on your skin where you apply the product. This will go away after time.

And there are rumors say that careprost can cause your eyelashes to fall out. Careprost ® does not cause eyelashes to fall out. Keep using careprost and your lashes will all grow longer than ever. You shouldn’t apply Careprost ® on your bottom lashes if you want them to grow.

Careprost eye drop should be applied to the base of your lash line on your top eyelid only. Using once a day, overdose will not give you results more quickly.

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