Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

Long thick eyelashes will make your eyes look more beautiful and attractive. So eyelashes are one of the most of important parts of the face. We all know that eyelashes primary function is to protect the eyes from small particles, like debris, sand, dust, and moisture, as well as prevent any irritation or infection.

In fact, eyelashes are just hair, similar to the hair found on other parts of your body. They have their own life circle, eventually fall out, and regrow again.

Losing eyelashes occasionally is considered normal and usually not cause for concern as your hair renews continually. But if your eyelashes fall out more often than normal, then it’s time to see a medical professional.

To find the right treatments for eyelash loss, you should know entirely the cause. Your doctor can make an accurate diagnosis to determine what could be causing your problem. Now, there is a eye drop named careprost can treat lashes loss, lots of people use it to get longer, thicker and curler eyelashes.

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