Careprost — The Best Eyelash Growth Serum in 2018


Ever since Careprost broke onto the scene, the eyelash growth serum game got hot. It has the same effectiveness as latisse but much more affordable price.

No one likes short, stumpy lashes , some people would say they can get extensions or falsies on a regular basis can add up pretty quickly, but it’s spend a lot of money and waist much more time. Your best bet? Use an eyelash growth serum. To find out which ones work best, we can search tons of user reviews, beauty editor recommendations, and more to bring you the Top 10 eyelash growth serums on the web. Careprost (Bimatoporst Ophthalmic Solution) is the best choice.

With consistent, daily use (and a little bit of time) your lashes will be longer, thicker, and healthier. The active ingredient of careprost is bimatoprost. That is approved by FDA as a generic bimatoprost 0.03%.
Bimatoprost is a topical medication used for controlling the progression of glaucoma or ocular hypertension, by reducing intraocular pressure.But patients found bimatoprost can also increase eyelashes.

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