Lumigan is eyes of drug treatment,and have side effects of stimulate eyelash growth.A new study finds that lumigan, the active ingredient, bimatoprost, can be applied to hair follicle hair growth.

At present´╝îlumigan as a kind of eyelash growth agent, applied to clinical.We want to observe whether the bimatoprost has the same effect on the scalp hair, even though these two kinds of hair follicle has a big difference.Our research results show that the bimatoprost can actually stimulate scalp hair follicle hair growth, is expected to provide a new approach to treatment of alopecia."

Androgen can stimulate the growth of hair on chest and chin, but restrain the growth of the hair.The hormone by locking cells on a specific receptor stimulation bald related signal transduction pathways.Bimatoprost, however, work on a has nothing to do with androgen, completely different receptors.

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  • Feb 08, 2017
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