The secret weapon that long eyelashes are women,long eyelashes make a woman full of charm, let you look more attractive, let you become more confident, as women, we should take good care of your eyelashes, if your eyelashes in sparsely populated, fall off, you can buy lumigan product.

It may prolong the growth phase of hair, allowing it to grow longer. Think of it as prolonging puberty and giving you more time to grow. Not that anyone should endure puberty for longer than they already have to…it was just an analogy.

Latisse Time LapseIt wakes up any dormant, lazy hair follicles you have and gets them to start producing hair. It doesn’t increase the number of follicles; it just works with what you already have.

It increases the production of the substance melanin. Melanin is what your skin produces when it’s exposed to the sun and it causes that golden tan coloring Southern Californians love so much. Like your skin, your hair also contains melanin and an increase in melanin means darker and fuller looking lashes.

  • Jan 11, 2017
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