Remember to read WEN Wen XUE to learn LOU with me! Chen Xiang looked at Hua Xiangyue, laughed and scolded: “You actually seduced me in front of your husband, real madrid, you are too presumptuous.” As he spoke, he squeezed Hua Xiangyue’s bouncy round body vigorously. Buttocks, Leap made Hua Xiangyue groan. Liu Meng’er snorted Paripesa, and then asked seriously: “Online Casino little scoundrel, why don’t you let Xianxian and Youlan stay in the Demon Conquering Academy!” Chen Xiang had already asked Long Xueyi to send a message to Gu Dong on Nairabet’s behalf. Chen, let Gu Dongchen find a way to tell Liu Menger, let her prevent the two girls from returning to the Demon Academy. “The Demon Conquering Academy is not safe for them. I will tell you the detailed situation inside later, it is very complicated anyway.” Chen Xiang’s face became very serious, and he didn’t want to worry Liu Meng’er right now, so he didn’t tell them the details. Even so, Liu Menger and Hua Xiangyue couldn’t help worrying. “Don’t worry about me, don’t you know my skills yet?” Chen Xiang smiled, took out a box, and threw it to Liu Meng’er, this is the box he got from Zheng Chu, it was full of formations Forbidden, but there are heavenly pills in the box. Chen Xiang doesn’t have the ability to unlock those formations now, and he doesn’t care about messing around, for fear that the box will be destroyed. Liu Meng’er took the box and looked at it, her expression changed slightly, and then she looked at the box very seriously, she was using her spiritual sense to analyze those formations. Huaxiang Pragmatic play Yue wrinkled her nose, obviously she smelled a very faint scent of medicinal pills, and with her knowledge of medicinal pills, she immediately recognized that there must be a heavenly pill in the livescore box. She pulled Chen Xiang’s finger, and asked in a low voice: “This box

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