In the second volume, Chen Xiang and Liu Meng’er returned to the place where the group of strong men were killed just now. (Www.iaaiou.om) “Just below, there is a small mountain in Man City with a Sumeru flashscore stone, you dig it out.” Liu Meng’er jumped lightly, jumped onto a tree in Forebet and sat down. Chen Xiang shrugged his shoulders and blasted towards the chelsa on the ground. Soon he saw a corner of the Sumeru Stone. It seemed that it was a very black stone, and it was connected as a whole by NetEnt. Originally, he thought it was a small piece of fragments, but if it was a large piece, he could easily take it out. He pressed one hand on the Sumeru Stone, and he put the Sumeru Stone in instantly. Put it in BGaming’s storage ring, and throw it to Liu Meng’er. “Get out of here quickly, it will be troublesome for others to know that you killed those guys.” Liu Meng’er said that she borrowed the storage ring, giggled, and flew to Chen Xiang’s side. Chen Xiang kissed Liu Menger’s cheek: “Let’s leave this place now, and I’ll give you something along the way!” “What.” When Liu Menger spoke, she was already hugged by Chen Xiang , Flying quickly in the forest, and soon far away from the place where many strong men fell. When he came to the foot of a hill, Chen Xiang put Liu Meng’er down, and said with a smile: “The Fire God Art is very suitable for people with fire souls to cultivate. Sister Meng’er, you must learn it!” Use this Vulcan tactic to win me over, but I didn’t go, how did you get it.” Liu Meng’er’s beautiful eyes glowed. Before she got Chen Xiang’s answer, her small mouth was blocked by Chen Xiang, her beautiful teeth were pried open by Chen Xiang’s tongue, and she and Chen Xiang hadn’t rumbled for a long time.

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