Automatic login color matching: font size: the sky A forceful aura rushes madly to produce a breathtaking breath Casino Slot overwhelms everyone, only to see a refined middle-aged man wearing a white robe with a calm expression and clear eyes suddenly Appeared from that cyclone. The aura released from this middle-aged man was very strong. He looked at Chen Xiang and frowned slightly. A pressure immediately enveloped Chen Xiang’s body, making Chen Xiang almost kneel down on the ground. Chen Xiang The invisible pressure caused the blood in his body to surge and almost made him vomit blood. He secretly gritted his teeth and ran Longli chelsa, causing Longli to vibrate his body, dispelling the pressure and cutting off the knife that was held high. “People”, the elegant middle-aged man gave a loud shout and waved his hand, releasing a ray of light. At the same time, the whole person suddenly flashed to Chen Xiang. The white light he released hit Chen Xiang, but Chen Xiang knew that he was going to use water. The mirror skill dodges, the white light hits the virtual image and pours into the ground, the power cohesion is very strong, the Mozzartbetlivescore directly penetrates deep into the ground, and then explodes below, causing a big vibration. The middle-aged man thought that Chen Xiang was beaten to death by himself. During the bet, Chen Xiang’s knife had already landed on Surebet247 Liu Yufang’s Nairabet’s neck. Liu Yufang’s body was pressed by a force of pressure just now. During the 22Bet, his head was suddenly chopped off. The churning blood in her body suddenly spurted out like a spray of Paripesa. Quan’s fierce lasing spurted on the middle-aged man, and the whole audience was in an uproar. Everyone was terrified when they saw the blood from the fountain sprinkled on the elegant white clothes of the middle-aged man. Everyone could guess that the middle-aged man should belong to the heavenly realm. The people sent by the Demon Suppressing Temple did not expect that even so, Chen Xiang would dare to cut off Liu Yufang’s head. It can be said that BetWinner is so bold that even the refined middle-aged

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