The strongest person Chen Xiang has seen in Surebet247 betting in the mortal martial arts world is Bai Youyou’s sister, Bai Ziqian! But now he felt that the young man in front of him was much more terrifying than Bai Ziqian! “Me.” Chen Xiang replied, thinking that he was going to win against such a guy, he had no idea, he felt that he was just an ant in front of this young man. The young man looked at Liu Meng’er and smiled: “So that’s the case!” She couldn’t help asking curiously. The young man said: Spinmatic, “The Suzaku Tender Silk is also called the Suzaku Tender Silk. After you got the Suzaku Tender Silk, have you been touched by this kid? And it was activated by his Endorphina!” Liu Menger was stunned for a moment, and now she suddenly understood why she was In that short period of time, she would suddenly have that kind of inexplicable emotion towards Chen Xiang, and finally she was captured by Chen Xiang. It turned out that it was the Suzaku’s tenderness that caused the trouble. Even though the casino slot was like this, she in the Champions League thought that her emotions were better than the Suzaku’s. Tenderness, especially what Chen Xiang did for her later, let her get the fire soul, let her know the details of facing Nirvana, and Liverpool gave her the incomparably precious flashscore elixir, so that she could go through Nirvana smoothly Rob! Chen Xiang’s heart was engraved in her heart, so she didn’t think that her emotions would be manipulated just by relying on that Suzaku’s soft baccarat. “It has nothing to do with this, even if there is no Suzaku tenderness in the Premier League, I will be with him.” Liu Meng’er said firmly, she did not want Chen Xiang to think that she followed him because of Suzaku’s tenderness. It would hurt a man very much. “I believe your words!” The young man said with a smile. Chen Xiang held Liu Meng’er tightly.

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