The most powerful thing about the second Real Madrid Juan Sun Xueren is his giant white bone hand, but now he was torn off by Chen Xiang, and he was also seriously injured. Now it seems that the outcome is not very clear. (Www.iaaiou.om)∑≥No one could have imagined such a sudden reversal! Because those nirvana states were discussed together before, it was difficult for Chen Xiang to deal with that evil power, but Chen Xiang told everyone with the facts that that evil power did not threaten him at all. Sun Xueren was struggling on the ground, his face was full of pain, and there was black blood on the part of the severed arm, which made one’s scalp tingle. And the strangest thing was that there was no blood on the severed hand that Chen Xiang was holding. Although Chen Xiang tore off Sun Xueren’s arm, he couldn’t be happy, because he could feel the evil power from Endorphina on that arm, attacking his body madly, trying to tear his body away. body occupied. After the giant bone hand was torn off, it should have turned into a normal flesh and blood arm, but now it didn’t, and it was struggling crazily, trying to get rid of Chen Xiang. If Chen Xiang Parimatch hadn’t used a large amount of demon-suppressing vitality rumble to resist the evil forces that invaded his body, he would have been defeated by that evil bone giant hand long ago. Looking at Sun Xueren who was rolling on the ground and howling, Chen Xiang gradually moved away from him, because he felt that the roulette arm was affecting Sun Xueren’s spirit. He knew that there was an ancient evil soul in the giant bone hand, which was left behind by a big devil called the evil bone demon king, and it might be resurrected, and now he believed in it even more. Suddenly, a burst of black air erupted from the giant bone hand,

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