Tips: Press the left and right keys to quickly flip to the upper and lower chapters. Chapter 395 of this content, if you like chapter 395, please bookmark chapter 395! Now that Chen Xiang is refining alchemy, he will enter a very strange state. After entering that state, even he himself can hardly explain what it feels like. Other book friends are reading: Msports. When “Pull Niu Niu” enters that state, he will be more comfortable in alchemy, just like alchemy in a space alone, will not be affected by the outside world, only him and the alchemy furnace in the world! “This should be the state of ecstasy. At that time, you only had alchemy in your mind. This is really rare!” Su Meiyao exclaimed. When he was extremely limited in alchemy, he could refine forty furnaces in three hours. Slowed down a lot. In the alchemy competition in Wangwang Dalu, he refined a total of forty batches of Five Elements True Essence Pills, and now he still has 60 batches of medicinal materials. It only took him one day to complete the Slot Games. There are a total of 1,000 pills, and he has never failed. once. And every time he does alchemy, he will enter a state of ecstasy. In that state, he only has the consciousness of continuous alchemy. The alchemy furnace seems to be connected with his flesh and blood, which makes him more comfortable in controlling alchemy. The situation in the furnace la liga, other book friends are watching:. Chen Xiang now has to hurry up and dissipate this thousand grains of Five Elements True Essence Pill. Of course, if he sells it, he will definitely get a lot of money. “He went to find the old lunatic, I don’t know if he can enter the ultimate realm within half a year!” Gu Dongchen said

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