Now they can’t go to the King’s Continent, because there is a space crack in the Hundred Thousand Demon Mountain, and they have to block that crack before they can start their journey. I also want to go to the King’s Continent.” A golden light shot from a distance, and a group of people in golden robes flew over. The people of the Holy Light Cult did not leave, they had been paying attention to the movement here from a distance, Chen Xiang’s sudden escape and sudden appearance were all clearly seen by them, but they did not expect that Chen Xiang would be so stupid , hand over the map. Chen Xiang is not stupid, he knows that it will take a lot of time for him to step into Nirvana, if he fights against these betting tycoons from overseas mainland now, there will be no good for him, and Huang Jintian can’t stay in Taiwumen la liga forever To protect him inside, such giants as Liu Menger and Gu Dongchen will leave the mortal world one day, he is doing this to give himself a way out. He doesn’t lack any martial arts. Now that he handed it over, he can still build a good relationship with giants like Betway. If he becomes a high-level alchemist in the premier league in the future, these powerful giants will often contact him , as long as he has good contacts, although he is not strong in this world, he is still very popular. Lan Hai looked at Chen Xiang, only to see Chen Xiang smiled and said: “This map is not mine anymore, I can’t be the master of Online Casino, Slot Games, but if there is no inheritance left by the Holy Light Sect in that profound realm, I don’t think there is any.” It is necessary to give such a perfidious force.” In order to obtain a large amount of resources, the Sacred Light Sect enslaved many mortals, causing most of them to die under artificial injury. The Sacred Light Sect’s approach made the other three sea areas unpopular.” Qin Zejun, please restrain yourself

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