Chen Xiang concentrated on planting his elixir, but only two days later, Wu Kaiming came to him, saying that someone wanted to challenge him, but he refused, “In the future, if someone like this comes to me again, Yan from your Wumen If Yanran is defeated, come to me again, I will fight with them, but I can refine several batches of pills, it’s a waste of my time,” these are the words of Chen Xiang and Wu Kaiming, since he came back to the Slot Games from the Hundred Thousand Magic Mountain, There are quite a few but he turns a blind eye to them and concentrates on planting his elixir. He not only needs traditional Chinese medicine materials, but also needs to practice kung fu. Come to cultivate the soul of the divine way, he has to condense the golden dragon saliva at night, and he has to practice some martial arts or refine some foundation building pills when he has time, the schedule is full, “Little baccarat dragon, my current soul is so big Now, can you make the seventy-two changes and the Tianlong seal stronger?” Chen Xiang asked, last time he witnessed Long Xueyi release the Tianlong seal with his own eyes, it was much stronger than his, ” The seventy-two changes are mainly about using mana. When your mana reaches a certain level and you can use it skillfully, you can change into something bigger. Now you should be able to become a cat, a dog, a pig, a fish, etc. It’s not enough to change into a tiger Endorphina, you can figure out how to change it yourself, if you don’t understand, ask me again,” Long Xueyi said, thinking of going to practice turning into a pig and dog, Chen Xiang felt nervous He was secretly unhappy with the man city, “Little girl, are you kidding me!” Chen Xiang snorted, “What’s the benefit of being a pig? Becoming a bird can fly, becoming a fish can hide in water, becoming an earth Can rats drill?” Long Xueyi giggled and said, “You’re not stupid

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