3champions league20, after coming out of the Evolution game in the Southern Wilderness last time, the Beast Warrior Sect and the Proud Sword Sect were going to attack Chen Xiang. Gu Dongchen released the golden body of destruction to let those giant baccarat heads know that he is People who have survived the Seven Tribulations of Nirvana, so Yue Jianglin of the Proud Sword Sect at that time had no choice but to leave in anger. “This guy passed through the two beauties on the tower who were about to make a move, and they were shocked.” Even the real madrid master who passed through Gu Dongchen is also a legendary head teacher in Taiwu Sect. He ascended to heaven at a young age, and he could indeed crush Xiao Ziliang to death with one finger. “Teacher, this is my business. I want Casino Slot to solve it by itself! I also don’t want them to continue pestering me in the future. Let’s make a break today.” Chen Xiang said suddenly. If it continues, the conflict between Taiwumen and other sects will definitely become more and more serious. Although Chen Xiang is not worried about the livescore of 22Bet Taiwumen will be affected by those sects, but he is concerned about the Three Realms War. Gu Dongchen’s strength is not weak. If he fights alone, no one in the Chenwu Continent is invincible. If he is joined by those sect leaders, it will be hard to say. Gu Dongchen is the strongest in Chenwu Continent. Once the Three Realms War breaks out, he is needed to resist those powerful demons. “Okay!” Gu Dongchen calmed down, and everyone felt extremely relaxed. The people below secretly decided that if they saw such a guy in the future, they would stay far away, because the feeling was too uncomfortable. Xiao Ziliang doesn’t dare to be so arrogant now, he has only survived the Seven Tribulations, and his strength is far inferior to Gu Dongchen who has survived the Eight Tribulations. Although he is a contemporary of Huang Jintian, he is worried that he will die after crossing the Tribulation fall, so keep suppressing the reality

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