Seeing that some alchemists hadn’t set fire to them, Mrs. Li shouted: “When the sand in the hourglass is drained, this round will be over. If you don’t compete, you will be eliminated even if you automatically abstain.” Chen Xiang looked It takes about half an hour for the hourglass to leak, and the time is very tight, because the wax is difficult to burn, and you need to be very careful when burning it, otherwise the ice particles inside will be completely burned. In the arena, only flames were released, and some alchemists in the other two Evolution game arenas were hesitating, but they didn’t want to be eliminated without even a match. So many 1xBet alchemists released real madrid true qi fire together , made the whole arena like a steamer. Many people couldn’t bear it, and their whole bodies were soaked in sweat. Only some warriors with good strength could resist it with their true qi. Each of them burned a little bit, and some were just released from the side. A little bit of small flame was carefully baked, but Chen Xiang’s burning method was astonishing, he actually released flames to wrap the entire wax column of Forebet, and the flames were also very powerful, comparable to the alchemists on the field like him Horrible flames, but they thought that Chen Xiang’s roulette burning method would be fruitless in the end. Chen Xiang looked at the other two arenas, and saw that the wax columns in these three arenas were heated to different degrees. Surebet 247-level contestant has the highest degree of heat exposure. Hua Xiangyue is watching from the rumble 20th floor of Danxiang Tower. She is sitting in front of a low window with a cup of fragrant tea in her hand. She is very leisurely. She looks at Chen Xiang: “This The kid always acts like this, and if he has a live betting soul and dares to burn like this, he won’t lose just like betting!” Liu Meng’er walked in and sat by the low window

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