The hall on the first floor of Danxiang Tower dare not breathe, and some timid people Leap carefully leave. The middle of the first floor of Danxiang Tower is the place where Liverpool displays Yuanshen Pill. Hua Xiangyue did this to improve Danxiang The prestige of the Fragrant Pagoda opened the eyes of the alchemist in the Danxiang Pagoda. She never thought that it would cause any trouble. This content is text content. Beside the cabinet displaying the Primordial Spirit Pill, stood a middle-aged man with an extraordinary appearance. This middle-aged man exudes a compelling arrogance, with a long sword on his back, and he can tell that he is a member of the Proud Sword Sect just by looking at his attire, but the pressure he released just now shocked many people, Some people have already seen that this middle-aged man is the head teacher of the Proud Sword Sect, Yue Jianglin! As soon as Hua Xiangyue arrived, she said coldly about Slot Games: rumble “Yue Jianglin, are you here to mess things up?” What she hates the most is this kind of arrogant guy, especially Ao Jianzong, who has been there since ancient times. That’s why she hates dealing with people from the Proud Sword Sect the most. Chen Xiang stayed in the distance watching the excitement, he also hated the Proud Sword Sect’s la liga, he had slaughtered a few of them, and in history, the Proud Sword Sect’s disciples were killed by the disciples of the Eight Great Sects. Yue Jianglin saw that it was Hua Xiangyue, his eyes were full of chelsa’s disdain, and he said arrogantly: “You are the person in charge of Danxiang Tower? Where is the head teacher of your Danxiang Taoyuan? Let her out quickly.” “You are not worthy to see her!” Hua Xiang Yuexiu frowned, and said slightly angrily. Everyone in this hall was shocked. Hua Xiangyue and the others didn’t know each other very well. Only the disciples of Danxiang Taoyuan knew that Hua Xiangyue was the supervisor of Danxiang Taoyuan, but she dared to speak to Yue Jianglin like that. The headmaster, where does she have the confidence? Yue Jianglin already knew

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