On the first day of release, the content of the tenth update is man city text! Another day passed, and the morning sun shone on this handsome man and beautiful woman who was embracing him, making him look very warm. Chen Xiang opened his eyes, and he released a large amount of fire energy from the Heavenly Sun Fire Soul, which made him very tired. Xueyi was guarding the surroundings, so he could rest with the beauty in his arms. Liu Meng’er’s beautiful face regained its blood color, and she looked even more beautiful at this time, like a watered flower, full of a kind of gorgeous beauty. “She successfully fused.” Long Xueyi said. Chen Xiang nodded, but he didn’t let go of Liu Menger, real madrid, he was worried that he would never be able to hug Liu Menger again, even though he knew that he would be scolded by Liu Menger later. Feeling the glare of the sun, Liu Meng’er slightly raised her eyelids, and looked up at Chen Xiang, her blurred beautiful eyes were full of complicated colors, she didn’t know how to face this kind of thing. At this time, her strength had recovered, but she did not leave Chen Xiang’s embrace. “Sister Meng’er, congratulations! You have merged with the fire soul.” Chen Xiang congratulated him sincerely, and then gently stroked her hair. “En! Thank you!” Liu Meng’er said softly, at this moment she suddenly felt a foreign object in her nails, and immediately remembered that it was Crazy Paripesa who grabbed Roulette Chen Xiang’s back when she was enduring the severe pain. Just when Liu Meng’er thought that NetEnt was going to help Chen Xiang clean up the wound, Chen Xiang hugged her tightly: “It’s okay, I want to hug you more, so that I won’t have to hug you again in the future.” Liu Meng’er spat lightly: “Little idiot, let me go, I’m already like you, what do you still think of me?” Chen Xiang let go of Liu Meng’er.

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