After entering this Tiankeng forbidden area, once he wants to fly up, his strength will be deprived, even Huang Jintian is the same, but now he has lifted the restrictions on Chen Xiang, that is to say, the large formation in this forbidden area is controlled by the head teacher Author, good-looking Pragmatic play novel:. Knowing that he could go up, Chen Xiang was also very happy, he didn’t want to stay in this dark place for the rest of his life. “Master, I…” As soon as Chen Xiang said this, he felt a pain in his butt. Paripesa Leap then flew upwards, and he was actually kicked up by Huang Jintian. Chen Xiang had thought a lot about the flashscore of the real madrid words when he parted. They were all words of comfort and touching words, but now he was stillborn. What made him angry was that he was actually kicked up. Just like that, Chen Xiang flew up from the ground of the tiankeng at an extremely fast speed, and then fell to the ground. He was kicked down when he went down, and he was kicked up when he came up, which made him dumbfounded. Chen Xiang saw an old bald man with a white beard walking over with a smile, Wu Kaiming said: “I didn’t expect you to come up completely, not bad.” Behind Wu Kaiming was a handsome livescore young man with an extraordinary appearance, Slot Games This young man was dressed in gray clothes, with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, and a sense of vicissitudes and majesty that did not match his appearance. Chen Xiang could tell at a glance that this must be the current headmaster of the Taiwu Sect. Dongchen. “Hey, hurry up and ask BetWinner to see the head teacher,” Wu Kaiming said with a smile. Chen Xiang did not expect that the head teacher turned out to be a man who looked younger and handsome than him, he suddenly felt that this head teacher should be the top ten most beautiful men in Taiwumen. Chen Xiang took a look

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