[ISBN 327976] As soon as the huge palm of fire appeared in the first volume, everyone couldn’t help but exclaimed. Yun Xiaodao looked solemn, and once again cast “Sky Cloud Palm” to face the high altitude, resisting the huge palm of fire that was quickly pressed down. Yun Xiaodao’s Sky Cloud Palm also became very large, a full ten feet wide, he released it with the thick true energy of the tenth level of the Mortal Martial Realm, and it was also very powerful, he even pushed the huge palm released by Chen Xiang go up. Chen Xiang chuckled, and saw a flash of cyan true energy emanating from his Nairabet palm again. Following his low shout, a huge cyan palm appeared, pressing down Surebet247 from the air again, and with that huge The palms of fire overlapped! The fire and thunder zhenqi merged, becoming more violent and more powerful, Yun Xiaodao’s Sky Cloud Palm was completely defeated, Chen Xiang’s Huo Lei Giant Liverpool Palm fiercely pressed down, covered Yun Xiaodao, and violently pressed down ground. Boom boom boom… A series of explosions erupted, and a huge palm print appeared in the middle of the square. The broken stones were blown around with the burst of air waves, and the scene was very shocking. Yun Xiaodao was pressed straight down like this, and he shouted loudly and jumped out from between the palm prints, his whole body was in a mess, but he didn’t do much damage. “Brother Shen, your strength is beyond my expectation. I’m going to use my trump card.” Premier League Yun Xiaodao looked serious, and just as he finished speaking, Zhang De shouted: “If you continue to fight, here’s the deal.” It will be destroyed by you, your strengths are similar, if you want to distinguish between the high and the low, you will lose both.” Chen Xiang also stopped, he didn’t expect that after he released the true energy of the two attributes, he still didn’t let the opponent Get down, visible cloud poker small

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