Please use shortcut navigation Don’t have an account? Novel: Computer users please log in to read this book Song Nanming poker was escorted away by the four big insiders behind him in real madrid, and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Protected his body with the thick zhenqi of the champions league, condensed it into an air mask, and held his breath at the same time, because he knew that it must be the poisonous mist that had just filled in, covering the place Chen Xiang was in. During the daytime, it felt pitch black. Suddenly, Chen Xiang’s eyes twitched, and he sensed countless things flying towards him from all around. They were countless bows and arrows of different lengths. One, steel needles of different thicknesses… All kinds of hidden weapons flew out from all directions at the same time, covering the originally dark forest tightly, making it even darker, these poisonous hidden weapons like a rainstorm are sinking Chen Xiang, who was shot by Xiangfei, had already noticed that there were many people around, but BetWinner didn’t expect that they would release so many hidden weapons at the same time to be so spectacular. Even so, Chen Xiang was not afraid at all! “It’s no wonder Song Nanming is so sure that he can kill me in the evolution game. If it’s an ordinary eighth-level Mortal Martial Realm, or someone who bet the game is a heavy-duty Mortal Martial Realm, I’m afraid they will all suffer in this case!” Chen Xiang thought, at this time countless flying needles He stabbed with a bow and arrow, and a large wave of invisible true energy burst out from his body. This is the power of the universe from the fusion of the five elements of NetEnt. This thick and terrifying power permeates the place with a radius of several feet, and it was shot by those hidden weapons of chelsa. At that time, they were all blocked by this force, all unable to move forward, and the countless flying needles, bows and arrows that were suspended in the air were all blocked by the force of the universe released by Chen Xiang,

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