Download: “Chen Xiang, do you have this strength? I’m really disappointed!” Leng Youlan stood not far away with her arms folded, her cold eyes were full of disappointment. Chen Xiang has been forced to the edge of the competition arena at this time, and will soon be beaten down. The Yao family’s methods are very clever, making it impossible for Chen Xiang to guard against them, but Yao family has calculated everything, and they never thought that there is an invisible ring on Chen Xiang’s finger, inside the ring are two peerless beauties, and one of them is the master of elixir. “This is a kind of poison gas with strong paralysis, but Spinmatic, your meridians are very powerful, and your body has been tempered by the Immortal Demon Tan. You only need to run Tai Chi magic skills to make the Tai Chi diagram in your dantian run, and directly refine the poison gas into champions.” The league melts away.” Su Meiyao said. As soon as the Taiji magic power was activated, the spiritual energy from all around surged into Chen Xiang’s body, entered the meridians, washed into the dantian together with the paralyzing poisonous gas of Slot Games, and was then refined by the five elements true energy inside. Yao Cong originally wanted to beat Chen Xiang to a serious injury, cripple Chen Xiang and take down the competition arena, but no matter how he fought, Chen Xiang kept looking at him with murderous eyes, as if nothing happened. Chen Xiang was already able to move, and at this moment, everyone saw that Yao Cong pulled out a short knife with a cold light and stabbed towards Chen Xiang’s chest. “Go to hell!” Yao Cong yelled. Everyone was shocked, and there was a commotion in the square, and they all cursed. When Yao Cong’s dagger was about to pierce into Chen Xiang’s chest, Chen Xiang, who had not moved all this time, suddenly moved. His bones all over his body exploded and made a “crackling” sound. He stretched out his BGaming left hand, Grabbed the blade of the dagger, then pinched it vigorously, pinching it into a

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