Chen Xiang came back early and left late, during the day he crazily made alchemy in the shop, and at night he went to the Slot Games suburban champions league outside the city to practice. Twenty days have passed like this. (Www.iaaiou.om) (win Q coins, read and see) please visit. Now, not only has his cultivation improved a lot, but he is very proficient in refining the pills below the ordinary middle-grade pills, and he has almost never failed, and the time for making pills is getting shorter and shorter. Even Shen Luzong’s entire old alchemist Ashamed of myself. Chen Xiang’s money from selling the thousand-year-old blood ganoderma was also used up. He and Shen Luzong also refined a lot of common low-grade elixir, but 1xBet was far from enough. Of course, the golden spirit fruit tree planted by Shen Leapxiang is about to bear fruit. For more than 20 days, he has been able to condense a lot of ambergris to give birth every day. This is because he has such a close contact with Chen Xiang, which makes many people happy. Apart from Slot Games, Chen Xiang is an alchemist and the son of the head of the Shen family, with a bright future, Spinmatic made many people consciously come forward to chat with him. Chen chelsaxiang communicated with the children of these families with a smile on his face. Poker can pass the boring time, and at the same time, he can find out some other families’ attitudes towards the Shen family. Many families are afraid of offending the Yao family, so they dare not marry the Shen family. man city alliance, but now Chen Xiang learned from the children of these families that if the Shen family had the pill industry, they would not be afraid of the threat of the Yao family. Before he knew it, it was Chen Xiang’s turn. The way to test his strength was to hit a strange boulder. This stone was originally black. If the power is strong enough, it can change its color! Chen Xiang stood in front of a stone that was taller than him, only to hear the person in charge of the test say: “As long as you can

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