The middle-aged beautiful woman walked in slowly, but Chen Xiang was inexplicably sweating like Paripesa, as if he had lost his strength, and he couldn’t even move. At this moment, it was as if he was being seen through by the middle-aged beautiful woman. (download_download_floor Www.XiaZiLo.om) () please use to visit this site. Please use the pinyin domain name of this site to visit us. Chen Xiang knew that this middle-aged beautiful woman was a very powerful person. He quickly calmed down, silently performed Tai Chi magic skills, restrained his breath, and concealed the yin and yang divine veins in his body, because Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou said that the news about the Yin-Yang Divine Vessel must never be spread. The middle-aged beautiful woman’s brows were tightly frowned, and a flash of surprise flashed in her beautiful eyes. From the moment she came in just now, Chen Xiang’s expression was calm and composed. Looking at her was like looking at ordinary people. You must know that she is very concerned about his beauty and figure. They were all very confident, and she was a little suspicious that a young man with a vigorous blood was not fascinated by her beauty. “Xianxian, your fiancĂ© is really not simple! It’s much better than that shit genius bet game from the 1xBet family!” . “Boy Chen Xiang, I have met senior, could it be that senior is Xianxian’s master?” Chen Xiang saluted respectfully. The middle-aged beautiful woman smiled at him, Chen Xiang was almost taken away by the beautiful smile that could not speak, but he was also a person who had seen the storm, so he quickly settled down, his concentration was not bad. Let the middle-aged beautiful woman admire in her heart. “That’s right, you can trust your little wife to my flashscore now, right?” The voice of the middle-aged beautiful woman was very gentle, not as majestic as before.

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