The Azure Dragon Magic Art that Chen Xiang cultivated is of wood attribute, and the Azure Dragon True Qi that contains the majestic life force is of great help to the growth of elixir, not to mention that there is an auxiliary skill called “Dragon Dragon” in the Azure Dragon Parimatch Divine Art that specializes in planting medicines. Saliva Kung Fu”, after performing “Betting Dragon Saliva Kung Fu”, a miraculous liquid can be condensed through the Qinglong True Qi in the body, using that liquid can make the elixir speed up the growth of flashscore. Think about it (win q coins,) please visit the latest free chapter of this book. Please use the pinyin domain name of this site to visit us at Zero Point Reading and the Suzaku magical skill he practiced can release flames, which are the flames released by practicing magical skills, and alchemy is naturally easy. The Four Elephants Divine Art contains everything in it, and there are many powerful methods that cannot be practiced because Chen Xiang is not strong enough. Chen Xiang had 3,000 Daling coins during this forebet, which is equivalent to 300,000 Sportybet Xiaoling coins, but this was not enough to buy a mortal medium-grade marrow washing pill. BGaming can see how expensive the pill is, it is by no means ordinary The cheapest elixir that warriors can afford is also the same. There is only one place in the entire Crouching Tiger City that specializes in selling pills, and that is the Lingdan Pavilion. This is a four-story building. Although it is not very big, the things sold inside are very expensive, and in the Behind the Lingdan Pavilion is a hundred-acre manor, which is dedicated to growing elixir. Although the Lingdan Pavilion is not a family-style force, it is not weak. The ones inside are much taller. Most of them sit in the Lingdan Pavilion for pills, and the alchemists inside are treated like ancestors. After all, elixir is very rare, but the benefits of chelsa are great. It can improve the martial arts’ livescore, enhance its strength, and make the body stronger

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