From the text of the text, it seems that the gods are not harmonious. The same is true for Bayi Chinese, everyone wants to get the Slate of Destiny Betting, and possess the powerful power contained in it alone. From Marvin’s point of view, these dissatisfaction among the gods seems to be something he can take advantage of. After all, the current situation is very difficult. If there is a real fight, I will definitely not be able to win. Even escaping is an extravagant hope. But before he could speak, a gentle voice sounded in the sky: Parimatch, “This land has not gathered so many people for a long time.” “Grant, Anubis, Vanya, Jasmine… Long time no see. “Hearing this voice, all the gods were greatly surprised! who is it? How dare you call the names of the four main gods directly! However, what surprised them even more was that the main gods didn’t show anger, but showed a wry smile instead. “The great Lord of the Earth Elements, the Kingdom of Heaven pays the highest respect to you.” Grant covered his chest with one hand, leaned slightly, and saluted the people coming! Above the sky, a phantom quickly formed. It was the figure of an ordinary-looking middle-aged uncle. Everyone can see that this is just a clone. However, just being a doppelganger has enough majesty. All the gods are not fools, and there is probably only one who can make the great Lord of Morning Light bow down in this way. All the gods rumble saluted one after another. The monarchs of the Elemental Plane are the pillars of the entire multiverse, and they are the most respectable and powerful existences. Only Vanya and Jasmine just nodded their heads. These two ancient gods befriended the earth elemental monarch

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