0 This baby voice, Mozzartbet, is the tiramisu who just abandoned Marvin here! Sure enough, not long after, a vigorous figure slowly flew over. God of War’s attention seemed to be drawn. He stared at the little dragon indifferently, and a word erupted from his throat: “Get out!” The sound of getting out, like a thunder, exploded the entire star field! In the next second, he ignored the tiramisu at all, but covered the sky with one hand, and pressed towards Marvin like a bird! Under the coercion of the Betway God of War, Marvin couldn’t move at all! At critical moments, he can only use the Kingdom of Eternal Night. However, at this moment, in the seemingly endless darkness, a thin silver line suddenly appeared. This universe was originally so harmonious and orderly, but because of the appearance of this thin silver line, it became very awkward! In the tall shadow of the God of War, he couldn’t help but let out a somewhat surprised “Eh?”. At the critical moment, Marvin only felt a gust of warm wind enveloping his body. In an instant, a powerful force pushed him forward to the roulette, and instantly avoided the palm of the God of War! When Marvin came back to his senses, he had already been carried by tiramisu and appeared in another corner of this universe. Xiaolong looked angry. He put Marvin down lightly, and said man city in a very unhappy manner: “You let me go?” “You still think in front of me that Betking is going to slap my little brother to death?” “Where are you going to put the face of Baby Dragon?” ” “I must slap you three times today!” As soon as these words came out, not only the God of War frowned, but even Marvin turned pale with shock! Eternal time dragon power, Marvin is 1xBet non

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