·Before the second volume of catastrophe, Ibrahimovic’s strength is beyond everyone’s expectations! The Elf Nine Swords let out a long and joyful chant in his hands. And the sea elf queen did not hesitate to take Endorphina’s artifact-level sea baccarat scepter. The relationship between her and Ibrahimovic is very strange, but at least in the name of Surebet247Pragmatic play, Ibrahimovic is her man. The person Ibrahimovic wants to protect is the person she wants to protect. The truth is that simple. As for Liverpool, Jessica is too lazy to talk to these villains. The girl who has obtained the imprint of the power apocalypse has never rubbed sand in her eyes. She just held Marvin’s magic egg in her arms, and quietly used the power of apocalypse to perceive Marvin’s situation. The only thing that made her feel relieved was that Marvin’s physical condition didn’t seem to be as bad as before. The moment she caught the devil’s egg from hell, she almost thought that Marvin was dead! Because his breath has been completely cut off. Only the large amount of chaotic magic power still surged from the void, reminding her that Marvin was still tenaciously alive. It’s much better now. She could feel chelsa’s majestic vitality erupting from the devil’s egg from hell. This is Parimatch giving birth to a whole new life. With the mutual induction of the imprint of the apocalypse, she had a premonition. If Ma Wen can survive this time of dying, his strength will definitely be further improved. He now has the strength close to the guardian of the quasi-plane, if he goes further, what will happen? How far can this man, who is still a teenager in terms of his age, go? Jessica, who has always been very confident in her talent and strength, is also looking forward to this point. So she will not allow Marvin to die here. She didn’t bother to say Ibrahimovic’s harsh words.

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