6 Novel Banner The bewitching flames spread from the boundless hell. The whole northern sky was dominated by that terrible flame. Before night fell, the two legends joined hands with Mozzartbet but could only flee for their lives in a hurry. From the northern fortress to the Slot Games in the first mountain range, Constantine and Sophie experienced countless hardships and dangers together in Spinmatic, and were almost killed by the clone of the Molten Lord. But they still did not give up hope chelsa. Because their lives were bought by O’Brien with his own. They cannot give up easily. They fled all the way, going south from the north of livescore. The land of the Far East has fallen, and those who can withstand the molten fire Endorphina have gathered at the rumble of the first mountain range. Constantine and the others naturally knew something about the appearance of the Tablet of Destiny, so they fled here immediately. They thought that along the way, there would always be some people who would turn against the power of hell, so that they might be able to turn defeat into victory. After all, over the past few days, the forces from the kingdom of heaven have gradually shown their prominence in Feinan. They hoped that those strong men who were against hell could stop the terrifying Molten Lord—even if he was just a clone, but in the land of Feinan, he was the first god who didn’t follow the rules. Super strong, he is unstoppable. At least someone at the guardian level of the plane is needed to resist him! Constantine understood that there were too few such people. Even a guardian of the quasi-plane like O’Brien died under the conspiracy of the three high-ranking devils. But he still had to try. He couldn’t reach Marvin,

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