The game novel “Molten Lord…” When Constantine spat out the word with difficulty, there seemed to be a trace of anxiety in the air. When the most irritable powerhouse from the Nine-Layers of Purgatory finally decided to end the dormant period and began to wreak havoc on Feinan’s land, the ancient guardians seemed unable to resist their advance. Even if Bryan was desperate and blocked thousands of devils with his own body. Even if La Liga appeared in front of Constantine and the others, it was just a clone of Molten Lord. They still have little hope. The nine rulers of hell are all fallen ancient angels, and the power of the ancient angels is completely at the same level as the ancient gods. Even those new gods are very troubled by the power of these fallen angels! “Everyone, disperse!” Constantine gave an order, and the night walkers and mercenaries scattered in tacit understanding. Only two legendary powerhouses, Constantine and Sophie, were left to confront the man burning like a black flame. However, at this moment, there was a tearing whistling sound from above the sky! Then came a bright light. As if an ax had torn apart the sky, a cone-shaped light came from the sky, sweeping all the chaotic magic power of Spinmatic in Betking’s air, and unstoppably smashed towards a certain place in Feinan’s land! The black flame suddenly raised its head. In the center of the flame, that eye was shining brightly! In the gradually warming Permafrost, Marvin is still ignorant of the great changes that have taken place in the outside world. The book of Naru Msports is honestly overwhelmed by the words of 1xBet, the volume of wisdom of the champions league, and it looks like an ordinary ancient book. And the agate, one of the Nine Swords of the Elves, also looks nothing

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