After the nobles who lost their territories in the first volume digested the secrets that the God of Truth told him, Marvin quickly adjusted his mood. He knew that the God of Truth told him this, not to let him make a decision now. After all, with his current strength, even if he knew all the truth, it might not have any impact on the overall situation. The God of Truth cares about Marvin’s future. Everyone could foresee that if no one stopped Marvin, he would definitely grow into a force to be reckoned with in Feinan’s world. What’s even more strange is that, despite being the person chosen by Lance, Marvin is on good terms with the person chosen by Feinan’s planar will. Those amazing women, except for the Valkyrie Eve and Marvin who had a slight problem because of the Mingfeng incident, the rest of us have a lot of friendship with him. And the original guardian of Feinan, Hathaway, the king of witches in Anzhedi, is inextricably linked with Marvin. The relationship between the two was close to being a couple, but no one pointed out that point. This kind of feeling is complicated even for Marvin, who is the person involved. Even if he has the talent of wisdom, he doesn’t know what will happen to Betway in the future. Marvin has never troubled himself about such uncontrollable bet game matters. He believed in the judgment of the God of Truth; but it was not Marvin’s style to directly label Lance as a traitor and a super villain in Feinan’s world. He felt there was something else in it that he didn’t know. After all, it was Lance Endorphina who gave him a hope of rebirth, he would not easily judge a person’s right or wrong, he must personally uncover this mystery! He must become stronger! Dark Dragon God sent hand

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