·Between flashes and flints, the Crypt Genie only felt that there was a plane coordinate in his consciousness suddenly. Although he didn’t know where this coordinate came from BGaming, he judged instinctively that the power that dared to hurt himself, It is from that plane that Nairabet comes! He is very angry! The fire of death is comparable to the most terrifying divine punishment. If he wasn’t the heir of the ancient evil god, he might have been burned immediately. So, under the deliberate guidance of Paripesa in the Book of Naaru, the crypt monster struggled out of the glacier with a roar! The *Mozzatbet* fire had burned a huge hole in the surface of his skin. The powerful self-healing ability of the Crypt Genie is fighting against the fire of death! The circle of wounds were constantly being burned, and then regenerated continuously, this feeling made the crypt ghost almost go crazy. He subconsciously swung his paw. The space was instantly torn apart! If the Cosmic Magic Pond is still there, it is absolutely impossible for him to do it so easily. But now, under the efforts of Bet9ja Dark Dragon God and other new gods, the magic pool of the universe has completely collapsed. Without the barriers of planes, the powerful talents of the crypt gods began to be revealed. He roared and tore apart the space, and in the next second, his huge body slowly got into that space crack! In the dark place not far away, Jessica was thrilled to see it! She didn’t know where the champions league Marvin went, but the mark of the apocalypse told her that Marvin wasn’t dead yet! For some unknown reason, the crypt ghost suddenly disappeared into the Underdark. Where did he go? So where did Marvin go? “No wonder he said he was going to find Stupid.” “Did he already make a new plan at that time? Wisdom and talent. Is it really as powerful as this BetWinner?” Jie

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