Marvin was a little embarrassed. Of course, he understood where Jessica’s faint live score displeasure came from. After all, with her love for Rory, he probably didn’t want his sister to transfer part of the power of the apocalypse to Marvin’s body. In this way, Rory’s not-so-powerful apocalyptic power will become weaker, making her farther away from the legend. And Marvin obtained part of the power of the apocalypse, not only received a lot of benefits, but may even have part of the ability of the apocalypse warlock while the power of the apocalypse is in effect. Marvin also tried to mobilize the power of apocalypse in his body before, but he still didn’t have the right method. He thought it had something to do with his identity. After all, he was not an orthodox Apocalypse Warlock, so it was normal that he couldn’t use the power of Apocalypse. But from Jessica’s tone, it seems that she can indeed use the power of apocalypse! So he approached BGaming with a shy face, with an open-minded attitude: “How to learn?” Although Jessica was not angry with Pragmatic play, she also knew that one more person who mastered the ghost paripesa defense technique would definitely be satisfied with Betway in the future It’s good to fight, so she put one hand on Marvin’s forehead. A powerful force of apocalypse rushed directly into Ma La Liga’s mind. In an instant, the blood inside his body began to boil. The part of the power of apocalypse that had been hidden deep in the brain was mobilized directly. There was a lot of information in Marvin’s mind out of thin air, and then the information disappeared directly, blending with his Betting instinct. At the same time, in his data column, there is suddenly an option for personal skills: Specter Defense (Advanced): Consume a small amount of power of apocalypse, you can cast Specter Defense

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