176 Novel Banner In this world, there are always some inexplicable coincidences. Marvin went to the tomb of Devil City to search for the Blade of Sodom. In fact, it was originally due to the player’s instinct – with the improvement of Roulette’s own strength, the equipment naturally needs to be updated. As a master of the night, other equipment may not be so important, but weapons must be outstanding. Marvin has always been proud of his strong killing ability, but in the battle of the god servant level, the legendary items have gradually become a little weak. If we say that in the previous era, a pair of green leaves is certainly enough. But this is the era after the Cataclysm Paripesa! This is the era of shining stars, but also the most chaotic era. After the cataclysm, although Feinan didn’t flourish like the sports betting of the third era, Spinmatic also produced countless geniuses. What’s even more frightening is that those gods who have left their own pen and ink in the history of the third era will also step on Feinan’s stage. Although the cosmic magic pool has not been breached yet, their figures have quietly appeared. Ambera, the number one servant of the dream, is just a microcosm. In Eve’s letter to Marvin, it was mentioned that in a small town in the Northland, a Church of the God of Morning Light and Guardian of FlashScore had been established. With such speed and strength, Msports Ma Wen would not believe that without a servant of God sitting in charge. In other words, the servant of the God of Dawn and Guardian has arrived. After all, people in this era have become very realistic. If there is not enough power as a guardian, no one will easily trust anyone. Even if the other party is a god. It is worth mentioning that, compared with his previous life, although Feinan does not have a son of gold in his livescore——

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