After carefully figuring out the meaning conveyed in Eve’s letter, Ma Wen quickly asked Anna to write a letter from the champions league as a reply. The albatross that sent the letter was still stranded in the White River Valley in Nairabet. Eve apparently ordered him to bring back Marvin’s letter. In the letter, Marvin clearly expressed his support for Eve’s establishment of power in the Northland, and also expressed that he would go to the deep-water port as soon as possible. As for the specific alliance event, Ma Wen didn’t talk much, after all, the two sides have only reached an initial agreement. However, in the letter, Marvin still reminded Eve a little, telling her to be careful of the rising power of the gods in the north. Belief in this kind of thing is very scary; with the addition of gods and the background of chaotic times, it is easy for people to betray their own ideals and their own will. In comparison, the Evolution game in the south is much better—perhaps because most of the Parimatch area in the south is still plagued by demonized wizards. After all, the huge number of wizards in the Southern Wizarding League is not fake. After replying, Marvin put the trip to the North on the agenda. But at the same time, he still has a lot of affairs to deal with, and the White River Valley is already a very large territory now. If Ma Wen wanted to, he could establish a small kingdom and proclaim himself king at any time, and no one would object to it. Anna promoted some people with management ability from many refugees as civil servants, responsible for managing the increasingly busy affairs of the territory. Even so, there are still many things that Marvin needs to see for himself. It took him a full afternoon to barely go through all of this. And about the White River Valley

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