At the moment when the city gate was opened, the refugees who had been wandering around the city gate suddenly rushed up like crazy! “Let us in! 1xBet We abandoned our hometown and came to the capital after receiving a warrant from the Grand Duke. How can you not let us in?” “There are demons outside, how can you leave us outside?” “Let us Come in!” Someone among the refugees yelled loudly. ◇↓liverpool◇↓, Marvin narrowed his eyes slightly, Isabel remained expressionless, and the people behind her immediately changed their colors. Their faces became ugly! what happened? Could it be that something has changed in the capital, and they no longer accept civilians like them? “My lord?” Isabel asked softly. “Look again.” Marvin signaled to be calm. Having experienced the baptism of the demon army, it is normal for Lavis to have a stricter city defense, but these refugees are ordinary people, so it is a bit strange not to let them enter the city. Perhaps the guards in charge of guarding the city’s chelsa gate did not expect that these refugee rumbles would suddenly erupt with such a powerful force, and several soldiers holding shields were even pushed away! There was a gap in the city gate, and the refugees cheered, ready to rush in. However, at this moment, a low and fierce whistling sound resounded! “Stand back!” This was not shouted in a common language, but more like an ancient and complicated prophecy. Although there are only two characters of man city, it gives people a shocking power! In an instant, all the civilians froze there. There was fear in their eyes, and they thought Bet9ja was going to rush into the city. But involuntarily. Many people showed expressions of dissatisfaction. They are already very close to BGaming

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