You must know that Marvin is in a stealth state at this time. If you don’t rely on special abilities, ordinary people can’t see him at all! Because of Hathaway’s restraint, even the Lich Bender didn’t notice his approach, let alone the Emerald Banshee and the Two-headed Skeleton Dragon. However, this little girl who was cursed saw him at a glance! She also blinked. “It’s not that I hit Slot Games by mistake…” Marvin’s heart was pounding. Bender said that there is a huge treasure hidden in Jasmine. Could it be related to the curse she is under? No matter what, he had to find a way to rescue her. It was not Marvin’s style to watch such a young life die in front of him. However, the magic circle of life and death has already started its preliminary operation, and all Endorphinas have been isolated. If Marvin breaks in forcibly in the Evolution game, there will be only one consequence – being directly crushed by the power of the magic circle! Unless he has god-like powers! etc! The power of the gods! A flash of light flashed in Marvin’s mind. In the next second, without hesitation, he opened the domain of the virtual godhead—alienated plants! In the divine power pool, 15 points of divine power immediately consumed 2 points. Marvin’s body seems to have undergone some Slot Games changes. Under his deliberate restraint, the figurative realm was not directly displayed in front of everyone. But the sensitive circle felt 22Bet feel it. You know, this is the domain of the God of the Wild clone. Many of Lich’s sporting spells are inherited from the God of the Wild, and the two have something in common! While Bander Paripesa’s attention was still being drawn by Hathaway, Marvin tried to approach the circle of life and death. He didn’t break into Bet9ja rashly, but walked in tentatively

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