The surprise came so suddenly, Marvin almost couldn’t resist activating the King Kong form! “This knife is so sharp?” Marvin was overjoyed, and without hesitation, he swung the scimitar and rushed forward. After the blade demon’s forearm was broken, his vitality was obviously seriously injured. After Marvin activated the desperate knife technique, it seemed that Betway was even more helpless. Not long after, his two arms were chopped off by Marvin with a hunting machete. Without both arms, the Blade Demon completely lost his threat. His body also returned to its original state, and his eyes were full of pain. Marvin knocked down the livescore in the premier league, and finally tied the demon with a rope. This hunting scimitar is really worth the money, it can actually be as strong as the blade demon’s blade, and its sharpness is probably even higher than the green leaf! Or, could it be that in this special hunting ground, the hunting scimitar sold by ghosts has a special bonus? There were many guesses in Marvin’s mind, and Leap’s eyes on the scimitar became full of surprise. He put away the scimitar and prepared to interrogate the captive. However, the result was helpless. The Blade Demon had been struggling since he was captured by Marvin. No matter what Marvin asked, he refused to answer a word. Basically, he was roaring or snarling, and even if he spoke, it was a very difficult abyss dialect… Depressed, Marvin could only kill him with a single blow. At that moment, a mark floated out of Blade Demon’s body and fell into Marvin’s hands. Hunter’s mark. The Blade Demon has also arrived at the Autumn Hunting Grounds, so kill him to get the Hunter’s Mark. As for the mastermind behind it, although there is no clear proof, Marvin already has a candidate for poker suspicion in Endorphina’s mind, and he must be identified in the future.

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