89 Novel Banner Ma Wen saw it clearly. Accompanied by Fenuo’s flowing sword energy, a lot of blood suddenly splashed in the snow! More than twenty ice worms were cut into two by Finno’s sword. However, things were not optimistic. The snow in front kept rising, and ice worms that were very similar in appearance to centipedes, but with very powerful lethality, rushed out one after another. “This is a nest of ice worms! Damn it, when did a nest of ice worms appear in Torch Valley!” The legendary wizard’s face was very ugly. NetEnt In the Scarlet Wasteland, ice worms are a relatively common creature. But the ice worm lair is not so easy to come across. If one or a team of ice worms are just some insignificant little monsters, then after they have a nest, as a whole, the difficulty of the challenge will increase dramatically! Like the Immortal Snow Apparatus, this is a group living creature, weak in single combat power, but living in groups, especially with the lair’s light BetWinner ring bonus, they all have legendary templates! From another point of view, killing them is very laborious, but the benefits are very small. Ice Worm’s unique ice breath champions league is comparable to White Rumble Dragon’s, and 22Bet’s damage to weapons and armor is almost fatal. Every legendary fighter cherishes his own pokerreal madrid weapon very much. For creatures like ice worms with livescore, it is easy to cause Nairabet to lose his own weapon, and the gain outweighs the gain. But now there is no other way, they have triggered the anger of the ice worms, thousands of ice worms poured out from that huge lair! Marvin pulled the horse. Holding up his staff, he pretended to mutter something. In the next second, emerald green light illuminated the entire area

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