Mo Tianji smiled lightly, and said leisurely: “I was melancholy back then, but now I am gentle; two generations of think tanks are fighting against the secrets.” Chu Yang chuckled, “The secrets are unpredictable.” Mo Tianji nodded slightly, his eyes burst out with a strong fighting intent, Said: “Yes! The secrets are unpredictable, invincible, and unpredictable. The secrets of heaven have never been truly penetrated by ginseng in ancient times!” Chu Yang laughed loudly: “I believe that you can win!” Mo Tianji looked seriously: “No, We can win!” “It’s the same.” Chu Yang pondered and said, “Secrets, but… Although the secrets cannot be completely understood by others, sometimes roulette, there will be things that succeed in comprehending the secrets.” Momo Tianji nodded, and said: “So… even though Tianji is mysterious, its flashscore is not invincible; if it doesn’t move, it is the enemy’s target; so Tianji Liverpool needs to be continuously changed. Livescore” Chu Yang put it down completely Come on. What Mo Tianji said was very serious! Serious to the point where he is almost talking with his heart and soul; it can be seen that he is really constantly enriching himself, and he does not underestimate the enemy at all. Chu Yang knew that the two generations of wise men, Fifth Melancholy and Fifth Qingrou, had planned for Rumble, which made Mo Tianji take it seriously, and began to walk on thin ice carefully! In the past, it was just a battle between the strong and the weak among the wise, but now it is a life-and-death enemy! Mo Tianji in this state, as far as Chu Yang knew, was almost invincible at least in terms of intelligence, calculation, intrigue, etc.! Chu Yang immediately sent a message to Sword Spirit, calling him back, and then everyone was ready to leave. Xie Danqiong paused on the ground, and looked at Chu Yang sadly: “Boss, after the trial

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