·The reason comes from Ji Mo. After finding out that there was nothing wrong, Luo Kedi leaned over to Ji Mo: “Master Ji… what’s going on with that thing you said?” It’s okay? It’s okay.” Luo Kedi almost cried: “Master…NetEnt…you are my uncle…” Ji Mo snorted live betting, his eyes rolled around, thinking that he would know sooner or later if I didn’t say anything Yes, it’s better to say, hey hey… So he put on a mysterious look, and said lightly: “Do you want to completely improve our roots?” Luo Kedi’s eyes widened, Nodding, like a chicken pecking at rice. “Do you want to fart like Gu Duxing and Dong Wushang?” You nodded vigorously. “Do you still want to practice frantically and cry secretly after your brothers break through?” He shook his head vigorously. Leap “Now there is a way…” “What way?” “You want to know?” “Hmm.” “You really want to know?” “Yes!” Crazy! Grabbing Ji Mo’s collar: “Say it! Or don’t say betting!” La liga Ji Mo’s face was calm and calm: “You want to know?” At this moment, not only Luo Kedi, but also self-cultivation Mo Tianji, who is so good, wants to catch Mozzat, bet Ji Mo and beat him up! This product is not so appetizing for Endorphina! I didn’t see the blue veins on Luo Kedi’s face bulging out… Not to mention, it would really kill someone. “You don’t talk about poker anymore… I’m dead! I’ll kill you…” Luo Kedi patted his butt with one hand, and pulled his hair with the other, frantic to the extreme. “I said it’s just…it’s not a big deal…you’re in a hurry…” Ji Mo despised

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