·The fourth part of Tie Yun Butian, under the gaze of Gu Duxing, Ji Mo put down his sword, and the first movement was to touch his own buttocks, his face was vomiting, and then he didn’t make up, his face was originally The swelling has not completely subsided, and now the eyes are swollen from crying, and the hair is pulled, and it is messed up like a chicken coop. Then the two descended the tree in one swift motion. Then he made a detour, went in the opposite direction, and escaped for more than a hundred miles. Immediately, they came galloping in such a panic and did not choose the road, fearing that the momentum would not be too big. Wherever they passed along the way, strong winds blew, and a hurricane suddenly blew up over the entire Baiyang Valley! The masters of the Xiao family in the valley were immediately alert, and all of a sudden they looked up. Spinmatic and Ji Mogeng were waiting at Liverpool, he yelled at Man City, and with a bang, a mountain of dirt rose up, and he yelled: “I will fight with you… Today BetWinner is either you or me… …” Gu Duxing snarled: “Hand over that thing! I’ll keep your whole body!” Ji Mo laughed miserably, the sky filled with desolation and sorrow. Under the watchful eyes of everyone, a mountain turned somersault out of the distant place Paripesa suddenly, and the whole earth trembled in an instant, like a mountain roaring and a tsunami. Immediately, Ji Mo dashed forward, then slapped himself hard on the chest, let out a scream, and roared with his original voice: “I’ll never let you go even if I’m a ghost…” Wow a mouthful of blood, a convulsion in mid-air, The broken kite danced like a kite and fell in the direction of the Endorphina mine. The dust behind him has already covered the sky and the earth, and he can’t see his fingers! It was as if countless ancient gods and demons were chasing and killing him! Many masters of the Xiao family jumped up one after another, looking

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