Then, after she had given all her affection to the champions league, Mo Qingwu discovered that what her chelsa wanted was not simply giving, a woman needs someone to rely on in her life. [] And this person has become my reliance… But the lonely swordsman of NetEnt finally chose to leave ruthlessly. To avenge his master and younger brother…I begged him…but he finally went regardless of Paripesa…years of separation and reunion, years of hurting each other, years of…finally, once, after he rejected himself , I left heartbroken. Encountered an interception on the way… He was the one who rushed here with all his might, but he had no strength left, but who knew how satisfied he was when he was lying in his arms and saw him crying anxiously. However, I still have regrets in my heart. Is it more important for me or the sword? Do you look good on yourself, or do you look good on the sword? The pride in his bones did not allow himself to bow his head to a sword, so he struggled and said to him: I am more beautiful than a sword… This sentence was originally a question; ‘Chu Yang, am I more beautiful than a sword…? ‘But when I saw him tearfully nodding his head in la liga during the baccarat, I was satisfied… I didn’t say the last word… Mo Qingwu sat on the stone steps, recalling Spinmatic’s own dream, A look of perplexity appeared on the delicate face. I have had this dream countless times, why? why? If someone knows about Mo Qingwu’s dream, and looking at Mo Qingwu’s expression at this moment, they will find that Mo Qingwu at this moment is exactly the same as her dream self, with that gentle expression of waiting… again and again, overnight

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