· Chu Yang nodded, leaned lazily on the chair, and said: “However, what I need to remind you is… It has been almost a month since the Lan family was wiped out to Endorphina. Even in the first few days, the major families If they didn’t get the news, they couldn’t react, so at this moment, they must already know.” Mo Tianji nodded Leap: “I’ve already thought about this.” “Since the third day, I’ve been preparing to guard against the nearest Zhuge Family, since the tenth day, I have been preparing to guard against several other big families. However, they may have made some moves in la liga, but they did not have any obvious reaction.” Mo Tianji smiled and said: “Since they There is no obvious reaction at all, so I, Parimatch, will simply make more fanfare here…” Chu Yang Shen Paripesa thought, and said: “Tianji, you have rebuilt the Mother City until now, and it can be said that it has begun to take shape; but You have never thought that if we leave and the big families come to the door, it will be a catastrophe… Maybe the city you just built with such a lot of painstaking effort will be It turned into ruins in an instant.” “That’s why we have to leave.” Mo Tianji smiled confidently: “Because the timing is really good.” “Great timing?” Chu Yang frowned , which is somewhat unclear. Mo Tianji laughed, “Come with me.” After saying that, he dragged Chu Yang into a tent; Chu Yang went in and saw that on the ground in the tent was a simulated map of the ground. “This is a map of the distribution of forces for the past three days that I have made myself during my flashscore period of collecting intelligence and purchasing maps from law enforcement officers.” Mo Tian

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