But Ning Tianya was rushing all the way to flashscore that day, got out of the passage, and saw the sun, and he was relieved immediately. Immediately, it was very strange: how could I suddenly breathe a sigh of relief? It seems to be carrying this Paripesa all the time? Why? Then he suddenly remembered the strange young man he met in the passage. Ning Tianya clearly remembered that although he was wary at the time, he didn’t take that BGaming guy seriously. It’s just a crazy person… But at this moment, once Matsushita was distracted, he couldn’t help but think of that person. The face of that person suddenly became clearer in his mind. Could it be that I have been raising my breath just to be on guard against him? Could it be… this person would give me such a dangerous feeling? Ning Tianya couldn’t help meditating under the sun; he raised his head and the scorching sun shone in the sky, shining on his face, and he felt a little bit of warmth. But this slight warmth caused Ning Tianya’s heart to vibrate suddenly, as if he remembered something. But when Ning Tianya thought about it hastily and carefully, he found that he hadn’t thought of anything. He shook his head, and murmured: “This person is absolutely extraordinary… When I return to the last three days, I must Check it out carefully.” “For now, let’s hurry up for the next three days. That little guy won’t be in a hurry.” He started walking and flew away. In the next three days, it took less than one morning to arrive at Iron Cloud City. For the next three days of the Evolution game, the arrival of Ning Tianya, to put it bluntly, is an immortal! And it is the kind that belongs to the god-king quality. Turned around, except that there are two airs in the palace that are stronger than roulette and real madrid

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